About Us

Our Story

Allwin serves an important and essential role in supplying vital raw materials including bead wire, natural and synthetic rubber and accelators and anti-oxidants. We provide natural rubber, which is produced as an agricultural product half a world away, and synthetic rubber, mostly from producers in Russia, South Korea and China to the industry in Pakistan. We sell under guaranteed delivery contracts/LCs with assured quality and at the most competitive prices. We take responsibility of all our material.

Our synthetic rubber is a key contributor to Tyres performance, including impermeability, improved resilience and lower rolling resistance.

At Allwin, customer satisfaction is our passion. This is the basic foundation on which we build our business. Our passion has driven us to set up business ties with major players in our target industry in record times. Our passion translates into a positive working relationship that reflects the true secret to our success. In order to achieve our goal of winning satisfied customers, we strive hard by providing quality products, cutting edge prices, exclusive services and incomparable after sale services.

Our Objective

To become one of the leading market share holder in one of the most competitive market in the world.

Our Goal

Customer satisfaction

Mission Statement

We are committed to prove to be your business partner, you can rely on in terms of timely delivery of cost effective, quality products with dependable after sale services.

Vision Statement

To be considered as the most dependable raw material supplier in the target industry.