Bead wire

Tyre bead wire is used in all kinds of automobile tyres, tyres of earth moving equipments and aircrafts. Bead Wire is drawn steel wire, which is manufactured from a quality wire rod with high carbon content. The wire surface of the Bead Wire is copper, bronze or brass and adapted to each rubber compound. Coatings protect the steel from corrosion. Bead wire is the crucial link through which the vehicle load is transferred from rim to the tyre, which prevents vibration during driving. It significantly affects the safety, strength and the durability of tyres.

WE supply the following grades of bead wires on regular basis :

  • Dia 0.78mm Normal Tensile
  • Dia 0.96mm Normal/High tensile

Packaging is done on steel spools, which can accommodate a wire net weight of about 450 kg.